Brickdollbanger LIVE FEED VIDEO


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Can you tell me about this first that I've seen this a freind said somthing about it I dont believe it seems like it's not true but if only our avatars looked and the vr was like this

This seems more like a sheer masturbatory tool, than anything else. You have a fancy fleshlight, and fancier app. However, the AI looks to be very basic, so aside from jerking off to the thing, there isn't much there to emulate any kind of companionship.


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Last Sunday we run into a connection breakdown at approx. 45 min while the show was running :(
Hope it works well today.
Where I work its like the bermudah triangal for cell phone carriers who are not verizon. Its a struggle to get service so I hope it works on my end too.

Its on bricks actual site right? Its my first time hoing to attempt to participate so I wanna make sure.