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CNET here. We're working on a story about RealDolls...

Discussion in 'RealDoll News' started by Ry Crist (CNET), Jul 15, 2017.

  1. Anthony Rice

    Anthony Rice BOOBIES!

    That was a very funny scene. You all did a great job. There was no judgement in the piece — very well balanced. Well done!

    Thank you,
  2. izla111

    izla111 No matter where you go, there you are

    AWESOME!!! Thanks Ry!!! It was a wonderful going over the articles, videos, and pictures :D:D:D I think the wait time for Abyss dolls is about to get longer. LOL!!! :D:p:D
  3. Anthony Rice

    Anthony Rice BOOBIES!

    No No! :mad:I am about to order mine, and I don't want to wait even longer.:eek:
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  4. izla111

    izla111 No matter where you go, there you are

    Better put that order in fast. LOL!!! :D:D:D
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  5. Ry Crist (CNET)

    Ry Crist (CNET) Active Member

    Glad you enjoyed it, Anthony!
  6. Anthony Rice

    Anthony Rice BOOBIES!

    As soon as I get back to AZ, I'm driving to Abyss. I'll be placing my order on Aug. 30.
  7. Pilgrim

    Pilgrim Pilgrim

    Ry, personally, I think these videos are the best I've seen at or about Abyss Creations and Realbotix. Thanks for a job very well done!
  8. Ry Crist (CNET)

    Ry Crist (CNET) Active Member

    Thanks Pilgrim! Couldn't agree more that our video team did an outstanding job. I was lucky to get to work with some very talented people.
  9. flavortang

    flavortang Active Member

    I gotta say that I was surprised and proven wrong by the article. I expected a hit-piece and got an extremely fascinating look into the art behind Realdoll. Little to no politicization or moral grandstanding. Just making the case for who doll owners are and why they own them.

    However, Ry, you did look extremely uncomfortable being surrounded by all that silicone flesh. lol
  10. Ry Crist (CNET)

    Ry Crist (CNET) Active Member

    Dang it, I did my best. :)

    Thanks FT, glad to hear you enjoyed it.
  11. Brick

    Brick My sin is Beautiful Perfection!

    I have to admit, your piece was very balanced and positive. It was by no means a hit job on sex dolls, you should all be proud of yourselves......Good Job Ry!!!
  12. Ry Crist (CNET)

    Ry Crist (CNET) Active Member

    Thanks, Brick!
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  13. Phil R Bootee

    Phil R Bootee Well-Known Member

    Great job, Ry. I enjoyed the article and videos. You put a lot of thought and research into this and it shows.

    It is cool that Leanyn and I got to participate. I hope that seeing her pictures there don't go to Leanyn's head. She'd be a rock star if she could. lol

    It looks like the animatronic head has improved. The lip sync was much better than it has been in previous videos. The other face movements seem more natural, less immersion breaking. I think having a wig on to cover up the gears helps too. Though I sometimes like to see what's going on there.
  14. Possibly_Robosexual

    Possibly_Robosexual Well-Known Member

    Had a lotta fun reading that. Agreed! The videos were top-notch and no doubt will bring Abyss more business weather they want it or not! :D
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  15. Steve Batch

    Steve Batch Well-Known Member

    I was tickled just to see that Rayne made the top of the article! It was so cool to see people I know from here who got their girls pics printed! And yes, the videos were awesome! I hope this helps the more judgemental people see things in a new light.
  16. Possibly_Robosexual

    Possibly_Robosexual Well-Known Member

    The one and only, Honey
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  17. StarSplash005

    StarSplash005 Well-Known Member

    After those awesome pictures and videos of Ry , I'm sure if you order now a doll it will take at least few days longer till you get one . ;)
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  18. Rivard

    Rivard Member

    That was a very good article, I enjoyed it a lot.

    The robotic head looks really good. The lip sync has improved, as Matt said in another thread a while ago.

    also: "...lubrication, things like that, that can be triggered by conversation or by touching":eek: I like the sound of that!
  19. flavortang

    flavortang Active Member

    You ain't kidding about the lip sync, and the expressions! Although the AI voice could use some work. I'd LOVE a female voice in a Scottish accent... *swoons*

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