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Yes I can get logged in to Galmato, go to the dollspace, but once there, dollspace prompts me to login again. I tried using my galmatohaven login, and it gives an odd message about confirming the email address in the email sent to me, except I don't see an email sent to me. I checked my email spam folder too.
I am having same problem........welcome to IT!


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Had the same trouble, was finally able to get the forgot password email to work after 3 or 4 tries, even locking my account for 15 minutes.

I also sent a PM to Reggie here on CRD, to let him know of the issue.

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Hey guys!!! I'm finally back (kinda). My profile was accidentally deleted and it's taken a while to get me back online. I"m trying to get my old profile back, but I don't know.

I'm having some back end issues getting the full Dollfit site finished--as some of you may have noticed--but I do have shoes up here and if you've seen Brick's video from Sunday any of the Halloween outfits featured are available for purchase. Let me know what you think!

If anyone is having trouble still getting into Doll Space let me know. You definitely want to be on there. You'll get special announcements there first and even preview new dolls before they're put up for sale anywhere else. Our little community is growing and if you like uncensored fun, it's the place to be.

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Are you planning to order a new doll during the Big Sale? Order her through Galmato Haven and you'll still get 20% off, PLUS a 3 year Realdoll Consumer Protection Plan included at no charge. All repair costs will be covered except for parts and shipping and you'll have a Spa Day in your pocket whenever she needs it.

You can create the order and submit to [email protected] (copy/paste from the order screen on or call me at 760-422-3655 and I will go through the full order with you and submit it.