is Live!!! CRD first peek.


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Smoke, are you planning to send Lana and CJ to California together? That would be interesting to know the cost. :cool:
I will be sending them separately Val. I will be sending Lana's head Canada post as it's a small light package. CJ I need to pack her up and send her UPS. From my experience they have the best rates on heavy freight. Probably UPS ground. I'll let you know when it's all said and done how much the shipping was. I don't know yet what it will be.

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You know, as to travel, GalmatoHaven needs a dedicated motorhome with a fully equipped operating suite inside so you can come to us on great circle road trips once or twice a year. In fact, in a few years they should consider setting up some authorized traveling repair facilities (RDVs?) in a couple of places here and in other countries.

Galmato Haven

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Nice one guys, the site looks great!
I fear though for me being so far away it would be very cost prohibitive for me to use your services, which sucks, shipping alone would be a couple of grand from here.
Its a shame too because Danielle would be a great project for you guys.
I wonder have you considered second hand doll sales? Or would that clash with Abyss? As in, someone sends you their doll for repair and then put her on the site for sale?
Have you seen the updates on Consignment and Travel Repair? We're now doing both. You're a Kiwi Oracle.