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Introducing Tanya Config 1 (Body F, Face T) - New Body

Discussion in 'RealDoll News' started by AbyssJoe, Nov 21, 2016.

  1. Daimon Anzai

    Daimon Anzai Never-A: 'Follower' -Be!

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  2. PanBiLadyDaughterOfSatan

    PanBiLadyDaughterOfSatan I'm Satan's Daughter!!!

    Thank you!!! :)

    (It's actually both, I don't want to get off topic too much but it's a reference to me being pan and bi, and Pan the Horned God. Because I'm also a Pagan and a Satanist. :) )
  3. Errol

    Errol Well-Known Member

    Well, I also just ordered a Tanya version doll, earlier this morning. I have been waiting about 4 months getting organized, and decided I'm close enough. The discount was too tempting to pass up. I imagine she will be here in the spring.

    You guys - SuperSoul, Izla, Hollywu, Karma, and many more are the best ambassadors Abyss has. The enjoyment you get from your girls says volumes about the product that pictures alone cannot. So, thanks to all of you for sharing. Hopefully Abyss puts you frequent contributors on their Christmas Card list! You guys ARE this forum.
  4. izla111

    izla111 No matter where you go, there you are

    Congratulations Errol!!! The pictures of Tanya are still blowing my mind, and the body F appears to be the first body with gel implants on the breast. I can't wait to give those 32Fs a squeeze :D:p:D As for the kudos, thanks!!! :D CRD is a wonderful place to share in the experience of Abyss's wonderful creations :D:D:D
  5. Errol

    Errol Well-Known Member

    Yes, I liked the body F for that reason, but I modified mine to a body A. That body F reminded me very much of *my* mom's build, and I just wasn't ready for that as a first doll experience. Call me a prude!:D
  6. Errol

    Errol Well-Known Member

  7. Pilgrim

    Pilgrim Pilgrim

    Errol, for what it's worth, my Ultima has the same Light Tan skin color that's standard on Tanya. I opted for custom Chestnut color nipples, which - in my opinion - is perfect for that skin tone. It's difficult to tell from the photos posted at the RD site, but the standard color offered with Tanya looks pretty darn close to Chestnut, though perhaps just a little bit lighter. So I think it should be fine. The only change I'd make to the Tanya standard nipples, if it were available, would be to decrease the diameter of the areolae by about 10%, but that's just me.
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  8. Supersoul

    Supersoul Moderator

    Congratulations Errol! Good on you man I am sure you will be very pleased with her. The Body A is a fantastic choice even in the light of the new Body F, a perfect sculpt of a perfect body.
    I can wait for you to introduce her to us! :D
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  9. Errol

    Errol Well-Known Member

    Thanks! There seemed to be several great bodies to choose from. The body A seemed to be the best one for my tastes.
  10. trillions

    trillions Well-Known Member

    This doll is mind-blowing. This looks like Abyss' response to all the wasp-waisted, big-boobed dolls the TPE chancers have been churning out. Being a super-detailed and hyper-realistic silicone RD2, this doll totally smokes those offerings.

    Selection of a body to go with this angelic new face has gotten really difficult. New Body A with gel implants is back on the radar, Body E is petite perfection. This Body F is a curvy wonderland. A hybrid Tanya/BoyToy 4 also seems incredible. The choice has never been tougher.

    Also think Abyss' new hand-painted eyes artist is going to be busy; not just with new orders but with people looking to upgrade their existing doll's eyes. Eyes are so key to the soulful appeal of a good doll and it's great that Abyss are stepping up in this area.

    Overall, a spectacular debut for a doll that should be a major success.
  11. Richardau

    Richardau Member

    I am new to the world of Real Dolls and am unlikely to be able to afford one for some time, which may be a benefit with the new models coming up.
    However, the Tanya Config 1 is just gorgeous !
    It is hard to believe she is not a live person.
  12. Pilgrim

    Pilgrim Pilgrim

    Welcome Richardau. You may be right, but RealDolls evolve rapidly, not unlike personal electronic devices, the ranks of which they will soon join. So, in a way, no matter when you purchase one, you can be sure that innovations will soon come along that would have been nice to have! ;)
  13. Richardau

    Richardau Member

    Thanks for the welcome Pilgrim,
    From reading many of the threads here, it does appear to be something I'll indulge in in the long term :D
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  14. Pilgrim

    Pilgrim Pilgrim

    We're a friendly, non-judgmental bunch!
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  15. Delos

    Delos Well-Known Member

    Hello and welcome to the forum Richardau! I agree that the Tanya face is pretty amazing. Matt seems to have some new things in the pipeline so waiting a few months before buying may be a good idea. :)

    I could be mistaken, but I think Abyss tends to make announcements on new developments in the first two or three months of the year.
  16. Richardau

    Richardau Member

    Thanks for the welcome and heads up Delos :)
    I'm finding the forums informative and entertaining ... a fun group of people all round :D
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  17. Brick

    Brick Brand Ambassador Advisor Staff Member

    Yeah, we are like a bad rash......we just keep coming back!!
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  18. Richardau

    Richardau Member

    The rash I'll pass on, but the coming back is fine ! :D
  19. 0osik

    0osik Well-Known Member

    Hey I have my rash (psoriasis) in remission. It took 20 years, but about 8 years ago I finally found something that woks. It's one of the reasons I now have my non-judgmental girls!

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