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We're getting a few orders through the link and its very exciting to see the site come alive! For those of you who JUST want eyes, this is the best place. Whether it's for your RealDoll, BoyToy, or any other brand, these are absolutely beautiful. The handpainted versions blow me away. If you need sizes they are:

24mm- RealDoll
1.18" BoyToy
26mm Some Classic and custom RealDolls

Handpainted, Hi Realism, Custom colors.. we do them all!

Liz showing off our Laguna Blue Eyes, made famous by Tanya Con 1

Instance Ayden

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I find the idea of DILATED (large) pupils quite arousing.

And sure enough, that googles up pretty broadly, e.g. ...
  • Our pupils dilate when we are seeing something stimulating or we are in low light. If we are aroused our pupils dilate in order to take in more of our pleasing surroundings. Often during courtship pupils stay dilated. You can tell when some one is aroused by looking closely at their pupils in constant surrounding light.
Has there been explicit awareness of this in RealDoll eye design? (Actually the first photos in this thread posted by Annette do show amazingly enticing eyes -- with large pupils).

It makes sense that looking into the eyes of an aroused person is arousing. I guess this hardly requires confirmation. (I can feel what those eyes do to me). But, I just thought I'd ask, @Daivin, this really is a "thing", yes? (Or anyone).
What has technology wrought ? The entire Realdoll mania is fantastic ! Ill say thats its a lot more interesting buying dolls than buying antique automobiles and not as expensive. You cant sleep in a warm comfortable bed with a 49 Lincoln but you can with hybrids and other beautiful doll personas. This Realdoll website,to me, is like visiting a parallel dimension. Its grand to still have all my immies to enjoy these visions of silicone !