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It's a attack on your freedom by the sex doll / robot hating feminists!!! I'm willing to bet every thing i have on that...
Well, I can certainly agree with you on the Triple Tanya vid. I am sure many women find that very threatening. However, why pick on Henry?? I think it has more to do with Religious Fundamentalism than feminism.....


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My order of Peyton had light freckles and i was satisfied with the outcome.
Now with Alison, I order freckles heavy and included a couple of pictures to show what I was looking for. That outcome turned out MARVELOUS. Wow. I haven't been able to capture that beauty on pic due to my lighting and just cell phone camera. Will have to do better.


and Kristal
Just wanted to point out that Galmato-Haven can make changes to our dolls and not just repair them;)
So Kristal can have bigger tits? :D:D:D:D
Like, they can chop of the little bumps and slam on a set of double D's??? :eek:
That would be way better than inflating those little chest bumps ;) you know I'm not gonna live this down, not until Kristal has broken every bone in my body... lol