Shout out to Reggie at Galmato Haven.


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I haven't been to Sturgis, but i've been up at Hill City around the time that it is happening. TONS of really nice, custom bikes roaming the area. I'm not an entusiast, but i really dig the art to the custom bikes, so my head was on a swivel. Had i known there was nudity all over the place, i probably would have stopped by! lol
Definitely. The entire state of SD and even over into Hulett WY has rally events. Lot of things to do. Buffalo Chip always has the big old-school concerts, aerosmith, zz top, etc...but the scenery for riding cant be beat and the big attraction is just the riding and bikes..

Its not as wild as people think in public --nudity not allowed in public and women have to wear pasties if without a top etc..but the campgrounds and bars--oh gets insane..For the most part though all the girls and dancers working the bars fly in to work for tips but boy do they put on a show..



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Wow, that girl in the video can certainly shake her booty!! :p:p
I had to watch a few times to make sure. :D:cool:
That girl is smoking hot. Nice too. This venue is different from regular 'tity bars'. They are there for tips and money but they also enjoy the party atmosphere in general and are really nice overall and not the usual distant snooty types you often see working the bars. When you go back year after you often seem the same girls working the bars at one eyed jacks. I have seen her there a couple times over the years. Mostly these girls are dancers or entertainers from around the country who go to sturgis bike week and really make quite a load in tips etc...hundreds of thousands of people make it to this event so they make quite a lot in one week..

This girl puts on quite a's a full length version:

They also have 'games' and things like body shots: costs extra of course but its all good fun and drinking a shot of jack from a girls navel is mroe exciting than from a shot glass..