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The New Website is live!

Discussion in 'RealDoll News' started by Catherine S., Apr 9, 2018.

  1. Catherine S.

    Catherine S. Administrator

    Hello hello!

    I'm sure you've all seen the new Realdoll.com by now, and if you haven't, go check it out now!

    We do know there are a few minor bugs here and there, they're getting worked on so don't worry. Thankfully, we build dolls and not genetically modified dinosaurs, so if something doesn't work, no one will get eaten!
    Our web development team are fucking amazing and have built us pure ART in website form. We are so excited for this new site, you have no idea.

    If you unable to see your orders, don't worry, nothing was lost. We still have access to them. The kinks should be ironed in the next few weeks, so we do appreciate the continued patience, (which I feel should be a company slogan at this point, haha. But in all seriousness we do appreciate it and we love you all so much)

    There will be a helpful chat feature on the site as well, it'll be up and running soon too, that will automatically connect you with someone at Realdoll to help answer questions, and I have a feeling it'll probably be me a lot of the time, but you can all still reach me anytime at Catherine@realdoll.com
  2. izla111

    izla111 No matter where you go, there you are

    Awesome!!! :D:D:D
  3. Possibly_Robosexual

    Possibly_Robosexual Well-Known Member

    It’s definitly leaps and bounds better than the old site. My account history showed my recent 2 purchases, but excluded my original doll purchase. Thought that was odd, but you say that’ll all get ironed out. I’m quite used to online games and services coming out to some rough launches, so this one isn’t nearly as bad as it could have been. I’m definitely excited about the future of the company. :D
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  4. Pilgrim

    Pilgrim Pilgrim

    I agree with you about the long term, but I have to say that at the moment the new site is SO SLOW that it's basically non-functional. They need to fix that ASAP!
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2018
  5. Mr. Van T. Lator

    Mr. Van T. Lator Well-Known Member

    Looks fresh in design, thatz 4 sure.
    Achievement unlocked: earned 1 gold star :D
  6. Palle Hansen

    Palle Hansen New Member

  7. SoloShopper

    SoloShopper Member

    The age verification could be changed to " Yes ! Thank God. " or " NOOooooooo! "
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  8. siliconefun

    siliconefun Well-Known Member

    The new site looks much better and I don't have the overall feel that it loads too slow.
    I started a 'test order' (same configuration as one of my ordered dolls) and I was surprised about the much better body proportion comparison as well the better pics for the faces and eyes as well for some options.

    However, while assembling a customized 'build your own doll', it would be cool to see a precast of the chosen combo when changing the body, face, skin tone, make-up options, hair style/color. I know that this is just a computer rendered preview but most car manufacturers (and much furniture manufacturers like IKEA too) uses this helping feature and it's surely possible to program a functional 'RealDoll configurator'.
    You manufacture the finest dolls on the market so don't stop to promote them like the finest deluxe robotic sex dolls of the world. The better the merrier.

    This isn't a critic but just some thought for the 'very finest tune' of a now great looking site.

    Congrats to your work!!!!

    - SF -
  9. Catherine S.

    Catherine S. Administrator

    This is odd, it worked perfectly fine for me at home and in the front office.
  10. Jenny

    Jenny Active Member

    Hi Catherine,
    I tried the loading again on Firefox and on Safari on my Mac-book Pro and got again a load time off over 25 seconds when i clicked on the "build your own" link.
    Going back to "home" takes about the same time.
    Tonight i had a couple of error pages see screenshot below
    Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 21.37.30.png
    When going to the "buile your own" page i could see the progress bar in the browser start but then it stoped for about 15-20 seconds before the progress bar continued again.

    Hopes this will help the developers a bit in finding the problem. Please let me know if they need more info or logs from me, happy to help.

    ps. i also mentioned the slownes before in this threat
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  11. Pilgrim

    Pilgrim Pilgrim

    Just got this same ERROR page when attempting to browse accessories. On my Apple iMac using either Safari or Google Chrome it takes from 7 to 25 seconds for pages to load. You just cannot browse a website like that. I may be in the minority, but I honestly think you should take this site down until it's ready for prime time.
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  12. Catherine S.

    Catherine S. Administrator

    Sorry you're having trouble with it, it's working fine for us here.
  13. Fun4real

    Fun4real Well-Known Member

    I had the error once, I just refreshed and the page displayed...I just wrote it off to the poor signal I had where I was and that caused a timeout. Other than the one instance I haven't had issues on any device (ios11 or Windows 10)
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  14. Pilgrim

    Pilgrim Pilgrim

    That in itself may be a clue to what's wrong. I know NOTHING about such things, but if it's working fine within feet of the server and hardly at all 500 miles away, that HAS to be significant!

    Perhaps I should also add that I use a very fast cable modem.
  15. Fun4real

    Fun4real Well-Known Member

    Im not a web expert but I can tell you physical distance plays very little into site access. Note that Catherine said it is also working for her at home. Unless she is connecting through VPN, she would have the same site experience From an external connection as you do 500 miles away or as I have 2500 miles away

    Dang I wish I was closer so I could do a factory tour! :(
  16. Brick

    Brick Brand Ambassador Advisor Staff Member

    I think the company slogan should be "We cant satisfy everyone, every time.......but we try!!" (Hint, Hint)
  17. Pilgrim

    Pilgrim Pilgrim

    I completely agree with that, In fact I've never heard of distance being a factor in such things at all except when signals are bounced off the Moon! But does anyone have a better idea what's causing the problem or are you just going to collectively decide, wrongly, that I'm imagining a slowness that isn't happening, pretend there's no issue, and choose to ignore it?
  18. selobl

    selobl Well-Known Member

    It seems noticeably slow to me, whereas other sites are not. Maybe my cable modem is ogling a little too much before it passes through to my monitor?
  19. SoloShopper

    SoloShopper Member

    I just don't know what is upgraded. I was hoping for a drag and drop doll build interface. This is just a hi res convoluted version of the old site that runs slower.

    Menu driven building is so 20th century.

    The Realbotix app is easy to dress with, perhaps that may be a seed of inspiration?
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  20. izla111

    izla111 No matter where you go, there you are

    I'm not having problems with it. I would suggest to clear your browser history/cookies, reboot your laptop/desktop, look at firewall settings to see if any of it will change it. :D:D:D

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