The Sun (UK) Jan. 8, 2019 Article


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Hey Just an update- I did exchange PM's with her here on CRD at the beginning of Dec. and had forgotten about it. I gave her some basic background on Tasha and me. I told her to check out my pics of Tasha here on CRD but she never asked to use them. I also gave her a link to Tasha's twitter- which is likely where she got the info from the interview that was done with Hollywu and me. She said she was going to get back to me and never did. I am not pissed I was in the article, but rather a little annoyed she never followed up to tell me what was going on and what she was using. If anything, the process was less than professional on her end, which is not what I am used to in this situation after several other interviews with bloggers, film makers, academic authors, TV producers and the like. In the end? No harm no foul, She didn't make us look bad
Yea, but they didn't use a butt shot of "baby girl". Or any of the girls for that matter.


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LOL here was my interview:

Me: "I think it is great that you all are doing another article. My concern is absolutely protecting my privacy and anonymity. I would need to understand clearly how that would be guaranteed before further consideration. Thanks and good luck!"

Lauren: "Hi Selobl, thanks so much. Am I able to use pictures of your doll from your page too? I realise there are a lot of questions here so please answer as many as you can. Sorry to bombard you! So here we go: Your name (or if you're happy with Selobl that's great), your age, and profession if you are happy to provide something close to. When did you first purchase your doll? What appealed to you? Was their anything (loneliness, sex drive, lack of connection) that led you to your purchase? Do you have a wife/girlfriend/children? How much did you pay? What is her name and what characteristics did you ask for? Does she talk and if so, how does her voice sound and how does her AI work? Memory or pre-designed?
How did it feel the first time you met her? What did you do? How long until your were intimate with her? How does it feel both physically and psychologically to make love to a doll over a real-life woman? Are you concerned your relationship with your doll with effect real-life intimacy? Ie the way you treat a doll in the bedroom maybe different from a real woman? What do you and your doll do on a daily basis? Do you hang out? Take trips? Watch films? Do you take her out in public and what sort of reaction do you receive? Positive or negative? Is it fear that makes people not have an open mind? Do you tell family/colleagues and friends that you have a doll? I she a huge part of your life? If you are single, what will happen to your doll? UK men have claimed they feel a lack of connection with their partners and feel they can't talk to them. Does a doll combat this? Maybe they are even better? Thanks again!"

Me: "You are disturbing!"

Ok so I didn't say that last bit, but I certainly was disturbed! Serves me right for all my disturbing behavior! :p:p:p