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I trust nobody today. I remember the Target breach. The week before I was using their Debit Card readers and the signs say 'Secured by such and such a vendor. Your info is safe with us.' etc...The next week there is a big story about Target getting hacked. The next week I get a letter from my bank saying my card number was one of the numbers stolen in the intrusion and they are closing my account down and issuing a new card. A year later my SSN was part of the Equifax credit reporting hack and I now I get free credit monitoring for a decade as part of the class action lawsuit settlement.

It doesn't matter how big or small you are. There is a very good chance that a hack and intrusion is going to happen eventually. I saw enough and do not do any online transactions unless I have to. I do not give my personal info to Faecbook, Twitter or any of the other social media outlets. Even when I create my Flicker galleries I use a made-up screenname and never divulge personal info.
So true!