dolls for sale


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Yeah that new Olivia A is a steal in my opinion very nice neutral configuration. That 2000 dollar Jenny/SS is a bargain too if you keep her in some type of stockings..

Cool Body F Violet as well if you want a little variety.

I think Abyss still has some bodies up, ready to ship, on their site as well.


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Best part about buying through Galmato (in my opinion) was the lack of a lengthy lead time. I sent the payment, and the crate arrived less then a week later! Vanessa cost me $4250, and Reggie was even willing to cover the shipping on my behalf, which made the price more affordable!

And there's always room for negotiation, if you're being reasonable :)

If I could make one suggestion; Don't be afraid to ask about making some minor changes before the doll gets sent your way. I would've loved it if I could've had my girls nipple color changed to a light red, and I'm kicking myself for not bringing it up.


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I really hope the move doesn't adversely affect them. Such a good company from what I've seen and they really add another level of service for prospective buyers and second hand sellers.