Real Doll moving ?


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I haven't had a doll as long as others but have made mistakes and learned from them. One of them was buying too much clothing in advance. Most of what I pre-ordered has ended up as oil rags for the garage or cut up for utility work around the house. :(

From my experience, there are easy 'can't-go-wrong' items as long as you order the right size. You shouldn't have any issues with these items when ordering in advance by just selecting the correct size:

Stockings, hosiery, most panties, stretch skirts, stretch tube tops, and open-toe shoes without a lot of straps. I would stick with these until you have had time with the doll and get a sense for how things work in terms of clothing. Again, this is based on my experience only.

Beyond this, it starts getting interesting. Any kind of dress beyond stretch tube dresses can be hit-or-miss. Anything with sleeves is going to require special work unless it really stretches a lot. Pants, jeans, etc will work but its a pain and quite time-consuming to get them on the doll.

Close-toed shoes or anything involving a lot of straps can throw you for some loops. As mentioned, its not really about size but the way the shoes are shaped or cut. Women have to really jam their feet into a lot of these closed-toe pumps and stilettos. You can get around this by ordering larger sizes but then it looks like crap and falls off.

Also, bras can be really hard to find for a Body F. Again, it has nothing to do with size. You can find a bra that fits in circumference. But the cups themselves don't fit real well onto the shape of the doll's boobs. I have yet to find any bra that looks decent without having to heavily modify the item, cut, and re-stitch etc..
Yeah.. I am concerned about bras for my body F enhanced.. but I think I ordered a few via doll fit..


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The only way I did it was ordered oversized shoes. They then fell off too easy. With the proper size, I was finding I had to really mash the toes and then squeeze the foot laterally. So I stopped as I was concerned with damage.
What size was the doll "supposed" to wear and how much did you upsize? I'm hoping a half size does the trick. It will be disappointing if pumps aren't an option, but I don't think this will be the case as I see many dolls in pumps and hope an owner isn't forced to cram the feet in there.


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I'm waiting too.. I ordered late April. But I have used this time to get the stuff I need for her ready like a wheelchair herspa day stuff with Reggie( protection plan) the dolly to help move the crate if needed.. got some dollfit clothes on order..the powder.. iso alcohol. Last thing I need to get is the protection plan for the head.. believe me I'm anxious too but you can use the the time waiting to get stuff for her so you aren't running around like a chicken with it's head cut off when she gets there Oh I do have to get a galaxy S9+ as well.
yes, i have done all that, but thank you for the positive note. have they started production on your girl yet?


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What size was the doll "supposed" to wear and how much did you upsize? I'm hoping a half size does the trick. It will be disappointing if pumps aren't an option, but I don't think this will be the case as I see many dolls in pumps and hope an owner isn't forced to cram the feet in there.
I have seen pictures where the shoes were obviously oversized, And why not go a little bigger and save damage to the feet. she is not walking in them
That may be, but you guys are in for months of me stressing and worrying in the mean time. lol When an android doll arrives, is her head installed? or does it come packaged separate?
As I've said elsewhere on CRD, while I was immediately enthralled by my first RD, I did not then and do not now think "the wait was worth it." I say that because that implies that the wait was necessary or required to get such an excellent product. I was very pleased with the product when it arrived, but I would have been even more pleased and would have very much appreciated a shorter wait time. I am aware that Abyss is a small company with too few employees to produce their remarkable dolls, but I'm eagerly awaiting a time when that is no longer the case.;)


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And that makes sense, I'm just trying to gauge how much is TOO much. If the "fuck me heels" are constantly falling off it defeats the purpose and would be a bummer for this future owner. :cool:
You can get cheap "heel grips" for high heeled shoes. Do a Google search for them.
They fit in the back of the shoe where the heel goes. They usually are self adhesive. They stop the heels slipping off the feet. :)
Izla routinely has his girls in closed toed pumps, maybe he can share his secrets...
Oversized shoes is the key. I had no problem with clothing. Ask those doll owners for sizes of dolls you want your body to come in and read the retailer sizes. I bought a ton of clothes in advance and they all fit. Some could use doll-fit or tailoring to make them easier but all in all, very simple if you pay attention.


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What size shoe for a body F then?
Officially, the RD site lists the shoe size as 6. That's what I went with when I ordered shoes prior to getting the doll. Major Fail. One pair didnt come close to fitting. Another pair I had to nearly mangle the doll's feet to get them in. Like others, I went up a size and even two sizes for some cut of shoes. I have found it all depends on the style of the shoe.